Bring your friends and join us for some FUEL fun!

26 February

Casserole/Bake Sale

Bring your best casserole or bake sale item to help raise funds for summer camp.  Sale directly after church outside of the sanctuary.

28 February

Camp deposit due!

More on camp here:

4 March

Youth Work Day

This is an opportunity for our youth to earn money for summer camp. Let our youth come work for you!

18 March


It is determined that we will have something fun for our group to do.  Exactly what that will be is…to be determined.  Look for details to come!

2 April

Rock Springs

After the morning worship service, we’re heading over to Rock Springs for some spring-fed fun! Pack your towel *appropriate* swimsuit and cover-up, water shoes, etc.  

9 April 

Dollar Movie

Possibly - more details to come!

12 April

Game Night

Meet us in the youth room at 6:30 for fun and games!

28 April

Sr. High Activity

High Schoolers only Bible Study at PK and Stacey’s.

7 May

Casserole/Bake Sale

Yes!  Another delicious fundraiser to help get our youth to camp.  Sale directly after church.

12 May

ALL Camp $ Due

No if, ands or buts…all money for camp is due TODAY!

17 May

Game Night

Join us in the youth room at 6:30 for another fun night of games!

20 May

Youth Activity

6:00 - 9:00:  more details to come!

28 May

Sr. High Activity

Something fun, late into the night…look for more details to come...

31 May

Like you don’t already know

Last day of school for Orange County Schools!  Celebrate with us on the slip-n-slides!!  Details to come...

4 June

Spaghetti Fundraiser

Yes!  Another delicious fundraiser for our youth.  Sale directly after church.

11 June


Depart for camp

16 June


Return from the best week ever at camp.

24 June

Youth Activity

Details, details…they’re coming...